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The Indians are playing chess, since the 6th century. Chess players are always excited about their game and eager to learn new rules or tricks. These will then help them to improve their game. There are only a few rules in chess but it gets really complicated. Though chess is a strategy game. But it is also important to arrange the chess pieces properly at the beginning. And in this article, we will go through the Chessboard setup and arrangement.


The chessboard is a wooden board that consists of 8 vertical rows and 8 horizontal rows (64equal squares). And the players each have 16 pieces. The chessboard squares have two colors (dark and light). The lower-level games, uses either cardboard or plastic boards for playing chess. And the professional player uses a Wooden Chessboards.

There is a unique letter or a number which helps in the identification of the 64 squares on the Chess Board. Files are those which are vertical. And Ranks are those which are horizontal. The files are labeled from a-h in the lower case from left to right from white pieces. And in the same way, the ranks are from one to eight.

A chessboard


If you are learning how to play chess, chessboard setup is the first thing you need to understand. To help you understand it better, we have made a pointwise list. You can understand the same below!


The Rook symbolizes the barrier of entry to the court. You need to first place the Rooks in the four corners of your Chessboard. That is if you have already done with the labeling of Ranks and Files. The white rooks will be placed at the first rank corners. And the black rooks at the eight ranks of the corner.


The Knight portrays Horses, who move forward first to save the kingdom. And they acquire their place, next to the Rooks. The color coordination is done in accordance with that of the Rooks. The image below can help with a better understanding.

placement of knight

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The Bishop symbolizes the Church. And acts as a moral compass for the King and the Queen. This is why it acquires its place next to them, from both the corners. And are third from both the corners. It coordinates its color with the Rook and the Knight. See the image for a better understanding.

Placement of bishop


The Queen symbolizes the main attraction in the kingdom. And can move freely anywhere. It acquires the central place from the left-hand side. And coordinates its color with the other pieces of the kingdom. For better understanding, see the picture below

placing of queen on the chessboard


King is the tallest piece, it has a cross on its head. They represent the power of the kingdom. And acquire its place next to the Queen of the Kingdom. Needless, to say they are of the same color as that of the Queen. The picture below will help in better understanding.

set up of the various chess pieces


There are eight pawns in the chess pieces. And they are the shortest among all the chess pieces. They represent the soldiers, who are first to die. And acquire its place in each square in front of the other same color pieces. The picture below will help in understanding.

pawns on the chessboard

Now that your Chessboard is all set up and arranged. We hope that you did understand the placing of all the pieces. And will continue to play more games. As it helps not only in you becoming a better player. But also keeping your mind sharp.