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  1. When I was 10. I used to play at the chess club in my primary school. That gave me a lot of motivation to excel in the game. With sheer luck. I got a chance to play in Nationals and fortunately won Gold medal not only once but thrice. Destiny and our Indian education system forced me to focus more on studies and I was away from Chess for 9 years. I was lucky enough that my life partner gave me a surprise gift a few days back which was Paramount Wooden Chess Set. Having the chess set in my hands. the chess memories reminisced. Now again. I am back on track and playing the game each and every day. 

2) I was unknown to chess until 4th year 01 college. After learning about it, I fell so much in love with this game that even now in quarantine time for uncounted days. Chess is my best entertainment . It will always be closest to my heart…

3) Well. there is saying “Chess is not just game but a war. When I was young i didn’t know anything about it. but after playing it. it has become a part of my life.
Well it’s all started when I was in 5th standard and my elder brother who is 6yrs elder to me used to play with me. Well as was novice at that time. he used to always beat me with new moves in his bucket. As I have always been a good learner. I used to observe his moves and day by day learn more about the game.”

Further he says: Chess is all about victory and how you plan in the game. I practice to hone my skills. polish my strategies and even use to play online with different communities to obsereve more real players and their adapted strategies.

Chess Is a game of strategies. there is no “undo button” in this game – its dynamic and you have to use your intellectual thoughts and even deep focus to get someone down on his game. 

Each chess piece is important, and even a pawn can become Queens if u make them reach other side of chess board. 

Customer reviews
customer reviews

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