Paramount Dealz Professional Chess Combo kit includes :

Roll-up Vinyl Chessboard

The vinyl board rolls up and fits in a canvas bag that is included with the set; the durable canvas bag makes the set conveniently portable; the board measures 17 inches x 17 inches ; this board has algebraic notations for recording moves; it resists tears, spills and the most demanding abuse; this board has black & natural squares

Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces

These chess pieces feature a 3-3/4″ king (standard regulation size); they’re plastic filled and have felt bottoms for easy sliding across the included vinyl board. In addition, the set includes an extra queen of each colour for pawn promotion, plus a classic Staunton design and traditional black and white pieces.

  • Carry-All Chess Bag

    This handy carry-all bag has space for the pieces, a padded pocket in the center with room for a chess clock , elastic loops on the side for holding the rolled-up vinyl chess board, and a pocket for scorebooks, other books, or other accessories. The board and the bag are both navy blue.

    The padded clock pouch is 9″ x 5″, which is large enough for most chess clocks to easily and securely fit inside. Even if you don’t carry a clock inside the bag with you, the design of the bag will keep it balanced with just your pieces and board.

    The 24″ x 9″ bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap for easy transportation, or, if you don’t like the shoulder strap, you can always use the attached carrying handles.


  • 2 Extra queens are included with this set.


  • Includes FIDE (World Chess Federation) approved Chess Clock – DGT 2010 
  • A spiral scorebook of 25 games – 120 moves is provided alongwith to help you record the game.
  • A  metallic pen is provided along with
  • 10 day return policy; we want you to be satisfied with your purchase; you are backed by our 10 day no questions asked money back return policy so you can buy with confidence.
  • In all, it’s a chess set that will satisfy all your requirements and you will be happy with the deal.
  • What else you need?
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