Paramount Dealz Luxurious 14″ Chess Board with Chess Pieces and Wooden Chess Box – Handmade from Brass and Metal

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Paramount Dealz Luxurious Chess Board Set

Handcrafted beautifully by Indian Artisan, Made from Brass, Metal and Wood. The Luxurious appearance gives the royal feeling and can be used for showcase as well when not playing. This set is the ideal gift for a Birthday, Anniversary, New Year, and Christmas gift.

Material Used: Solid Brass for board as well as chess pieces.



🏆 14Inches Brass Board

🏆 16 Black Pieces & 16 Silver color brass chess pieces.

🏆 Handcrafted wooden chess box


Felt Used?

Yes, Velvet Green felt bottom



🏆 Chess Board Size: 14″ x 14″

🏆 32 Chess pieces King Height: 4″

🏆 Product Weight: Around 4 Kg (Board + Pieces)



With our experienced & creative team, you can tell us how you want us to pack the chess set and for which occasion you are buying the same. We will really pack it well so as you or your loved ones will open the order with smiles on their faces.



🏆 These weighted Brass chess pieces set is best suited for your chess club, chess school, tournaments or if you are just a chess enthusiast. From being used a utility decor, living room decor, Restaurant display, this product has found its presence everywhere. Also, most of the customers have gifted handmade chess set as a new year gift, Christmas gift, baby shower gift, housewarming gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, travelers gift, graduation gift, game lovers gift, thanksgiving gift. It is a pure example of classic games, traditional chess and old games being presented in a new fashion. In the category of board games, brass chess pieces from India are always preferred.

🏆 Our artisans are trained from almost close to 20+ years in the field of Chess making best quality Board games, Chess games, Wooden chess sets, Brass Chess pieces. All are brass chess sets and pieces are hand made and they take from 1 day to several weeks to give perfect shape and best finish products. We pay our artisans really well and are trying to uplift them. Your orders will help us in our mission to improve and touch on more lives.

🏆 This perfectly sized chess pieces in the antique pattern have been specifically designed for chess passionate and enthusiastic players. The set is expertly weighted from our master artisans and it’s superb size proportioning from a king to pawn make this chess set an excellent choice for fast chess games.

🏆 The set comes with green felt bottom for effortless promotion. All chess pieces are expertly carved and appropriately weighted for fantastic hand-feel and a very nice thud on the wooden chessboard. King, Queens, Bishops, and Pawns are properly weighted and have thick green felts, which provides the best movement on the chessboard. The knights are well-crafted and represent the highest grade of knight carving skills that our Indian artisans have to offer.

We have made this specially for Chess Lovers by the Professional Indian Artisans. Suitable for Mens, Womens, Seniors, Kids at Beginner, Professional, Champion and International Level – Paramount Dealz

🙏 Thank you! 🙏

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