Tackle failure in the chess game

Tackle failure in the chess game

A game, in general, is all about winning and losing. Ultimately, everyone has to either win and rule or lose and learn. Failure in every platform constitutes the first step in learning. Without living the moment of grief and deprivation one can never crave success.

“You may learn much more from a game you lose than from a game of win”

This quotation by José Raul Capablanca notifies you about how to tackle failure in the game of chess.

But we all know how hard it is to tackle failure. It is typically hard to do our best after failing brutally in chess. Tackling with failure is hard for everyone else and we all lack the motivation to get up again.


So, underneath are some ways you can use for tackling with chess:-

Understand your mistake.

In chess, you can have many reasons why you lost the game. The first step is getting up from sorrows, and understand why you lost. Rewind everything, and note down all your mistakes. This will help you to keep mistakes in your mind, so you never forget them while playing. Analyzing your mistakes will minimize the probability of repeating them in further games.


Accept your failure.

Accepting your failure and flaws are going to help you the most. Many times our ego and self-confidence become barriers to our success. We get blinded by the belief that failure was not because of our mistakes.

Analyze your moves and accept you made them. To improve, practice more, and don’t make the same mistakes again and again. Try to get a solution instead, and this can help you recover your mistakes.


Compete with seniors.

Always compete with the seniors. The experienced players have a lot to teach. By repeatedly competing with experienced players, your mistakes will improve. The failure will be less harsh on you, and you will learn how to cope up with it. Failure from experienced players will give you an adrenaline rush of winning against them. Besides, you will learn a lot from them.



Stop giving up

Chess is the game for wise people. Believe in yourself and don’t stop playing notably after your failures. Giving up is for kids. Take responsibility for your failures and be a thorough sportsman. Giving up will suppress your confidence and the desire in you for playing more will die. Don’t let that burn in you cool down. Practice every day and don’t give up.



This is the ultimate key to cope up with failure. Practice and learn more about chess. Learn recent openings and important rules. Have a sharp base about the fundamental rules of chess. Not practicing will make you weak. You will forget more than what you possessed formerly. Keep practicing and keep learning.


Keep patience and try to learn. Don’t get overconfident and learning in believe that you are clever. Never stop learning and practicing. Give yourself all the time you need to learn the game. After you feel it is time for substantial game time, bounce back and secure that trophy.


Rebound with your failures. Overcome and train yourself for the massive game. Don’t completely hide beneath your failures. Demonstrate your improvement to the world. Hiding will make you doubt yourself while you perceive others excelling in their games. Approach a step ahead and win the game. Rebounding will aid you to boost your confidence and get the fear out of you about losing again in the game.