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Everybody must have seen a chessboard. Millions of people across the world play this game as a sport. Chess means a board game played between two people each assigned with white and black pieces. The chessboard divides itself into 64 equal squares. And each player is assigned 16 pieces which include eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, one king, one queen, and two rooks.

The player having white pieces will make the first move in the game. The purpose of the player is to checkmate the opponent’s King. Each piece plays a vital role in the game but knight also plays a great role in Chess. Knight is a soldier born to fight with heavy metal armor, and with the skills of horse riding. The Knight represents the same meaning in chess as a chess piece. And represents itself with a neck and head of a horse. Each player is assigned with two knights.

Different pieces of Chess


Knight is a fighter who is skilled in battle or horse ride. And the Knight protects the king. Knight alone can fight with the entire force. At first, the knights fought for the King of Franks in the 700s. Most importantly, the purpose of the Knights is to protect the King and his pilgrim. Although, the son of the Knight also continues to serve as a Knight. Since the invention of Chaturanga in the 6th century, its movement hasn’t been changed.


Knight in chess is important because it moves differently than any other chess piece. Above all, Knight in chess is very powerful and dangerous. The knight can jump to the other side of the board and can continue to attack. Although the Knights in chess are more valuable in the center. They don’t do well on the edges.

A picture highlighting knight in chess


The Knight of chess moves in L shape. And it can either move two square sideways or one up. Further, it can move two squares upside or downside. And one square sideways.



Although there are many properties of the Knight. Some of the main properties of the same have been summarised as below. That is to say, to help you understand the game better. And to not treat the Knight as a second class citizen while playing the game. The properties are-

1. It does not require pawn to start a movement. It can jump over the pawn to make the first move. Like a real horse, the Knight can jump over the pieces. And it captures the pawn.

2. Knights in chess have the ability to check and capture pieces like Rooks, King or Queen. And even if they remain in the crowd of pawns or any other pieces. It can easily escape capture by hopping over other pieces.


By now, we hope we would hae convinced you about the benefits of Knight. If we haven’t been able to do it till now. We have also listed a series of benefits of Knight. And certainly, this will help you in using the Knight more often. The benefits are-

1. Knight is very powerful and dangerous in chess game as well as in war as it protects the empire.

2. The value of the knight in chess is 3 pawns or 3 points which is the same as the value of bishops. Though they have same value they have different role in the game. On the contrary, the focus of the Knight in chess should be in the center in order to win the game.

3. As a result, if the Knight acquires its place in the center it attacks eight squares. But if it acquires its placed on the edge it becomes weak and attacks only four squares.

We hope we were able to help you realize the importance of Knight in Chess. And most importantly, we hope that you use it more!

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