Paramount Dealz is a topmost Chess representing company in India. It has been working actively in India and 17 other countries for 12 years.Paramount Dealz is all about chess. We here sell chessboards, make customized chess boards for the customers, and provide them the luxury of Chess.

We are extremely dedicated to assisting all customers whenever they lack it. We have achieved an average rating of 4.7 stars through our customers. Our company’s philosophy is customer satisfaction and remarkable products. Like Chess, this company also believes in the one to one conversation with the customer. We are present to pick up client complaints anytime. We retain a fully accomplished team to handle all the before sales and after-sales support.

Quality Chess Boards

quality at Paramount Dealz

We claim that the quality of the Chess boards and chess tournament sets, that you buy will make you feel luxurious. We promise you high-quality products at minimal prices. We don’t apply discounts on one product but on all of them. At this place, you can feel the luxury at minimal prices with quality products. Not just this but we also prevent machines while manufacturing these products. Almost all of our products are hand-crafted. And this is what we signify when we declare you will experience luxury in our products.

Handcrafted Chess Boards

handcrafted chess

We undergo our significant construction in Gujarat, India. We have multiple manufacturing units in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab too. The high – quality raw material is used to build these Chess boards with intense supervision of our employees. 

We have employed over 200 specialized handicraft artisans to build beautiful chess boards. We are extremely thoughtful about chess boards and equipment quality. Therefore, we include direct supervision around all the products. We are confident about all the products are perfect before they reach your doorsteps. Not only that but we also take care of our customers’ issues after the delivery of the products. We deliver an expertise team for customer service who are trained in 15+ languages.

We make sure that no customer returns with forlorn hopes.

Free Shippers

We additionally offer free global shipping for all our customers. This scheme will support you to enjoy the luxurious feeling of Paramount Dealz’s chess products. As the company has a vast global shipping experience, so very a minor pawn to 500 pieces of chess sets orders is packed with global packing standards. Therefore, you need not worry about any damage in transit.

Chess Boards Shipping