Paramount Dealz is all about chess. We here sell chessboards, make customized chess boards for the customers, and provide them the luxury of Chess. We have also included wholesale sales in our plan too. Even though being a startup we have succeeded in gaining popularity all over the world soon. We have collaborated with 60+ schools, 25+ colleges, and 130+ academies for the supplies of chess boards. We haven’t limited ourselves to India but expanded our business to 18 more countries. Our brand has aided all of them to receive prime products at affordable prices. Paramount Dealz is a brand actively working in 18 countries like the USA, UK, and Russia. We have successfully established the business, wide over the globe. We sell our chess boards and equipment to retailers and wholesalers. We include separate discounts and support offered from our side to all the wholesale options like retailers, shopkeepers, and distributors. So that they can gain maximum profit from us and we can enjoy customer satisfaction. We offer free replacements on any manufacturing defect from our side.


Material Quality

We are great admirers of quality products, and we offer you the same. We believe in providing you luxury in our products. Paramount Dealz uses quality woods in making of our chess boards and chess sets. We use woods like Indian Rosewood, Ebony, Bud Rosewood, and Padauk in our chess boards and chess sets. 

Paramount Dealz makes sure everything is in its most excellent quality while manufacturing all the chess boards.

You can also have customized chess boards according to your preferences. We welcome all sorts of changes in designs according to customer choices.

International Transportation

If any of our customers or wholesalers desire us to transport orders through planes or ships, we are open to that. We will support you in all ways. We have been handling international clients for quite a long time now, and we are delighted to say we have succeeded in that. 

Paramount Dealz can transport through water or airways by your choice.

Not just this, if any of our customers are bound with any agent we can also help you in that. You need not be worried about handling them. Our team will communicate with your agents and formalize all arrangements for you.